Fly Safely Under the Care of an Avid Aviator

Dr. John Bell-Thomson, MD, MBA.

Dr. Bell-Thomson is a retired cardiac surgeon who left the medical profession to pursue his love of aviation. As a commercial pilot, he has logged more than 4,000 hours of experience flying various aircraft and more than 2,000 hours in our plane, the Aerostar.

He has flown the Aerostar as far north as Bristol Bay, AK and Churchill, MB and as far south as San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina. As a pilot, Dr. Bell-Thomson is careful, conscientious, meticulous, and skilled. You can be sure that you’re safe when flying with him.

Meeting Standards

We are certified by the FAA as a Commercial on demand aircraft Charter operation. Annual FAA checks are made to demonstrate Current Knowledge of regulations, airman and aircraft competency and Instrument flight proficiency. The Instrument Flight (flying in zero visibility) check ride is undertaken every six months.

An Alternative to Commercial Flying

Our business was started with the simple aim of providing customers with a quick and affordable alternative to commercial airlines. If you’re tired of lining up and waiting inside crowded airports, get in touch with us and book a chartered flight today. 

Do you have a contract to negotiate? A job site to visit? A manufacturing facility to inspect? or a child to visit in college, we can get you there and back in time for dinner!