Safety-First Chartered Flights From Aurora Aviation, LLC

The Aerostar is a twin engine aircraft maintained to comply with FAA regulations that govern on demand Passenger and cargo transportation. Two engines provide a safety and redundancy that single engine aircraft do not have. With only one engine on an aircraft, if it quits you go down. In a twin engine aircraft losing an engine in cruise (extraordinarily unlikely) becomes a non-event.

Communications and Navigation

The Aerostar is equipped with cutting-edge communications and navigation technology. We typically use our three GPS receivers to direct us toward our destination. The flights are conducted on instrument flight rules (same as an airliner), continuously monitored by air traffic control on radar and in radio communication. Our pilot use a multifunction display for situational awareness and weather information both en route and at the destination.


Pilot Function Display

This device is invaluable to our pilot. It provides him with essential data such as air traffic information, locations of other aircraft, and the direction and altitude in a range as determined by the pilot. ADS-B weather information is also displayed here, working in conjunction with a separate onboard radar to provide real-time precipitation information and potential weather hazards when en route to the destination.


The Aircraft

The Aerostar is carefully maintained to ensure its integrity in compliance with FAR Part 135 requirements. Since our aircraft is a piston-powered twin-engine.  It has two or more of its other parts. These redundancies provide a 100% safety margin in nearly all circumstances. The Aerostar is certified and capable of reaching as high as 30,000 feet. , but with the large windows, it is nicer to fly at an altitude where you can appreciate the surrounding countryside. Sight-seeing tours may also be arranged.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Noise-canceling headsets are provided to the passenger, allowing for communication in a normal tone of voice while also protecting your hearing. You may listen to SiriusXM music of your choice or songs from your own mp3 device. You may also listen to communications between our pilot and air traffic control.

Travel Safely and Quickly

Flying is the fastest way to get to where you need to go. Experience convenience and comfort as you travel safely with Aurora Aviation, LLC. Get in touch with us and book your next flight today.