Enjoy an Unforgettable White-Glove Flight Experience

We offer our passengers high-quality service that emphasizes comfort and luxury. Our staff pays special care and attention to your needs in order to provide you with an experience that will leave a lasting good impression. For us, your privacy and safety are paramount, and we do our best to ensure that both are consistently met. Catering is also available on demand.


Plane Interiors

The Aerostar is furnished with comfortable leather seats and large windows for taking in the view. We are equipped with noise-canceling headphones perfect for listening to music or hearing the communication between our pilot and air traffic control.

Experienced and Versatile

Our pilot possesses more than 40 years of flying experience. During that time, he has piloted multiple kinds of aircraft. For a perfect balance of comfort, convenience, safety, and privacy, choose Aurora Aviation, LLC. Contact us today and book a chartered flight.