Choose a Chartered Flight for Unmatched Convenience

Aurora Aviation, LLC offers the kind of comfort and convenience that you can’t find in a commercial airline. With a chartered flight, you will be able to leave your home and board the plane at the time of your choosing. Avoid the stress of waiting in line, getting patted down and radiated by the TSA, and possibly even losing your luggage. Relax in a comfortable seat as you take in the scenery or work on board if you feel the need.

Booking a Flight

Let us know what time you want to leave and your preferred time of arrival at your destination. Please provide the number of passengers, their names, and some form of identification. We will also need to know how much luggage you will be bringing and their approximate weight. Our flights normally depart from Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport (KBQR), but we can pick you up at a different terminal if that’s what you prefer. We are a Pet Friendly organization and have no issue with having your pets on board if they are secured.



Our chartered flights are more cost-efficient compared to commercial flights. Prices are dependent on the distance from the pickup point to your destination and the estimated time it will take to get there. The rate is $800 per hour of flight time. Waiting time typically costs $40 per hour. Please note that the rate for the flight time won’t change even if we carry up to four passengers.

What Sets Us Apart

In addition to a convenient and comfortable flight, we can also arrange ground transportation for you once we land. We’ll help you get what you need, whether it’s a chauffeur service or a rental car. We can wait for you and bring you home after finishing your task or come back and pick you up another day.


Fly With Us Today

To book a chartered flight with Aurora Aviation, LLC, call 1(888) 828-7672 and tell us when and where you want to go. If you have any questions, reach out to us and we will do our best to address your concerns.

​​​​Compare time and price: Aurora Aviation vs Commercial Airlines

This Table shows the difference between: Aurora Aviation Private Aircraft Charter and the Commercial Airlines. The Time En-Route (ETE) and cost for a sample of destinations.

Note that the price for Aurora Aviation is for flight time and doesn’t change if we carry up to four Passengers.

Essentially we can get you to your destination faster, with less hassle and usually for less $$$ than the Airlines.

The flight time for Aurora Aviation is taken from Foreflight calculations and may vary.

The price quoted for the Airlines is taken from Expedia on 04/01/2019

Destination Aurora aircraft charter ETE Price for 1 to 4 Passengers Airline ETE Price for 4 passenger
Harrisburg PA (KMDT) 1 Hour $800.00 3 to 4hs $1,512.00
Albany NY (KALB) 1 Hour $800.00 3 to 5hs ​​$1,516.00
Hartford CT (KHFD) 1h 20min $1,066.00 4 to 6hs $1,516.00
Springfield MA (KBAF) 1h 10min $933.00 No Service
Burlington VT (KBTV) 1h 30min $1,200.00 3 to 5hs $1.116.00
Manchester VT (KMHT) 1h 30min $1,200.00 4 to 5hs $1,116.00
Marthas Vineyard MA (KMVA) 1h 45min $1,400.00 4hs to 10hs $1,188.00
Nantucket MA (KMVY) ​​​​1h 50min $1,466.00 3.5 to 8.5hs $1,188.00
East Hamton LI, NY 1h 30min $1,200.00 No Service
Atlantic City NJ (KACY) 1h 20min $1,066.00 No Service
Ocean city MD (KSBY) 1h 30min $1,200.00 4 to 6hs $1,308.00
Dayton OH (KDAY) 1h 45min $1,400.00 3.5 to 4.5hs $1,200.00
Bar Harbour ME (KBHB) 2hs $1,400.00 8 to 16hs $1,136.00
Norfolk VA (KORF) 1h 45min $1,220.00 3 to 5hs $1,200.00
Richmond VA (KRIC) 1h 40min $1,333.00 4 to 5hs $1,300.00
Greensboro NC (KGSO) 2h 10min $1,733.00 3 to 4hs $1,308.00
Winston Salem NC (KINT) 2h10min $1,733.00 No Service
Tri Cities NC (KTRI) 2h 20min $1,866.00 4.5hs to 12.5hs $1,720.00
Nashville TN (KBNA) 3h 10min $2,533.00 4 to 7hs $1,374.00
Memphis TN (KMEM) 4hs $3,200.00 5 to 7hs $1,032.00
Jackson TN (KMKL) 3hs 40min $2,933.00 No Service
Indianapolis IN (KIND) 2hs 10min $1,733.00 4 to 6hs $1,312.00
Cincinnati OH (KCVG) 2hs $1,600.00 4 to 7hs $1,120.00
Lexington KY (KLEX) 2hs 15 min $1,800.00 5hs to 7hs $1,420.00
Louisville KY (KSDF) 2hs 10min $1,733.00 3.5hs to7hs $1,152.00
Milwaukee WI (MKE) 1h 15min $1000.00 5hs to 7hs $1,160.00